Specialised 3PL Warehouse Solutions in Sydney That Take the Headache Out of Your Logistics

Your business relies on its third party logistics to just work, so it’s important that you partner with a team you can trust. At Max Packer, we manage the entirety of your logistics for you. From flexible inventory storage and dedicated warehouse staff, to reverse logistics, and even negotiating the best freight prices, our 3PL warehouse solutions in Greater Sydney are designed to help your business thrive.

Open & Transparent

pricing structures for peace of mind.

An expert team

of dedicated staff ready to pick, pack, and ship your products.

Same-day shipping

ensures products are sent on time in excellent condition.

Quality Communication

means you can contact
us when you need us.

Hear How We Help Our Clients Eliminate Stress from Their Logistics Processes

“Max Packer 3PL has been exemplary. “

“Our experience with Max Packer 3PL has been exemplary. Customer Support is outstanding, with quick response time and kind approach. They listen to our ideas and feedback, and we see our needs being met at every interaction. The system is easy to set up and navigate, which makes it ideal for a busy work schedule. Working with Max Packer 3PL has been a 10/10 experience, we highly recommend their services.”

Renas R, Director, Sol Thru Wear

Director, Sol Thru Wear

Renas R,

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“I have always felt valued and they are open to evolving their systems to suit my business.”

“I’ve had a great experience! When I first spoke to Jason at Max Packer 3Pl, they were really open to working with my quantities and could see the potential for growth with my business. As a smaller brand, I’ve always felt valued and never overlooked amongst the more established businesses in the warehouse. The communication has been terrific and if an issue ever arises, the team are always fast to respond and open to evolving the system management to suit my needs. The onboarding process was a smooth and surprisingly easy transition. It can sometimes be overwhelming when integrating systems and learning new software and interfaces, but Max Packer 3PL presented the information in a logical and easy-to-process way.”

Kaylene,Director Fashion Industry

Director Fashion Industry


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“With their care and focus I can let them do their job and not worry about it.”

“Max Packer 3PL is a bit of a standalone in the market. They have the ability to care and focus on your product…. with a hundred percent customer service, honesty, transparency. Jason operates almost exactly the same way I do, which is really fast and efficiently. So there’s trust. You can just let them do the job and not worry about it. We have a trusted partner to move forward with and you want to do business with people that you enjoy working with.”

Karen,Director Food & Beverage

Director Food & Beverage


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Trust Your Logistics to The Experts with Efficient, Reliable, and Affordable 3PL Warehouse Support in Sydney

When you’re running a thriving business, you just want to trust that your logistics process operate seamlessly. You want peace of mind that you’re getting the best deal on your warehouse space, and you’re not losing out on excessive freight charges—that you’re working with a team you can rely on.

If you’re spending your time micromanaging your current 3PL warehouse partner, dealing with disappointed clients, and facing the threat of lost business, it can be a huge weight on your mind.

If these questions sound all too familiar, then Max Packer is right for you…

  • Are you noticing more and more errors in orders you’re delivering?
    And you’re worrying that it’s going to damage your reputation, or lose you customers…
  • Are you worried you’re spending too much money on your current warehouse space?
    And as your stock levels fluctuate, you’re left paying out the nose for space you don’t need…
  • Are you tired of working with 3PL warehouse providers that don’t take your needs into account?
    And you want to work with a business that customises its solution to your unique business requirements…
  • Do you keep telling yourself that your current 3PL warehouse partner isn’t that bad, that things will
    get better?
    But you secretly know they’re costing you money, time, and reputation…

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then you need to
partner with a 3PL warehouse team you can actually trust to take the administrative burden off your shoulders, and manage your entire logistics component for you.

You Deserve a Better Way to Manage Your Third Party Logistics

At Max Packer, we partner with your team to manage the entire 3PL warehouse process for you.

With our support, you’re able to…

Streamline your logistics through one easy team.

Consolidate your warehouse space rental and logistics team into one complete 3PL warehouse service

Take comfort knowing your orders are fulfilled when you say they’ll be.

You know that everything is done for you, with dedicated staff managing the pick, pack, and post process.

Free up your time by handing your logistics over to a team you can rely on.

You can feel excited about the future knowing that our flexible 3PL warehouse in Sydney provides logistics solutions that scale as your business does.

Reduce your overheads and save money with
fixed-fee costs

We provide transparent pricing with high service levels, with competitive freight and service costs.

Gain better insight of your products and logistics
at all times.

We provide open, available communication lines so you can reach us when you need us.

Increase your sales with confidence

so you can meet your growth potential with a facility that scales sustainably alongside you.

Here’s How We Manage the 3PL Warehouse Needs for Your Business

We know that businesses of all sizes have peaks and troughs. We help you manage your seasonal fluctuations with flexible warehousing solutions. You may need large order volumes moved quickly, or it could be scaling back with reduced capacity to match your downtime. We can respond to your changing capacity to ensure you always have the right stock on hand, and you only pay for the space you need.

We streamline your ordering and manage it all for you. As soon as we receive your orders, our specialists pick, pack, and post it for you—you don’t have to do a
thing. We can even manage your reverse logistics,
and ensure your clients get the best delivery experience possible.

Get peace of mind that your goods are safe—safe
from theft, safe from the elements, and safe from storage damage. Our secure 3PL warehouse in Sydney provides 24-hour security and surveillance, so you can rest easier knowing your inventory is secure.

You’re not working with a faceless business with multiple communication channels. Instead, you work directly with a dedicated Account Manager to help manage your 3PL warehouse in Sydney. You can call them when you need them to answer questions, optimise your logistics, and modify the warehouse space available to you.

We provide frictionless changeover when migrating from your existing 3PL warehouse provider. We add your inventory into our system, and integrate directly with our Warehouse Management System (WMS) so all future orders come directly to us. You experience no downtime, and no hiccups—it’s all taken care of
for you.

Give your clients the best possible experience you
can, and leverage a 3PL warehouse service in Sydney
that’s designed for thriving businesses like yours. Take advantage of the expertise, reliability, and solution innovation that you don’t get with other third party logistics suppliers. With Max Packer, you get total comfort that your orders are being sent out correctly, on time, every time.

Seamless Integration With All Major eCommerce Platforms

Your customers rely on the speed and reliability of your delivery. But they also want the ordering process to be as easy as possible.

Our eCommerce logistics system integrates with all major sales platforms, including:

Use another platform? No problem. We can create a connection that suits your needs, so your inventory logistics remain in sync.

How It Works?


Contact Us

Get in touch with us to discuss your third party logistics needs.


Get a tailored proposal

Receive a plan that outlines how we streamline your logistics.


Send us Your Stock

We then store your stock in our facility, and add it to our inventory system.


Send your orders

We handle the picking, packing, and delivery process for you.

Ready to get started?

Why Choose Max Packer for Your 3PL Warehousing?

We manage the entire 3PL process

Stop relying on different vendors for different elements of your logistics. We provide end-to-end 3PL warehouse services for your Sydney business. Whatever industry you’re in, we manage your inventory storage, picking and packing, reverse logistics, warehouse needs for you.

Get the space you need as your business grows

We’re here to grow with you as your business does. Whenever your stock levels change, you can get in touch with us immediately and we can make space to accommodate new products, seasonal increases, or space for future stock. Our 3PL warehouse in Sydney is built to handle your demand.

We’re available when you need us

As a 3PL company in Greater Sydney, we understand that you may not need our services all the time—you just trust that our system works. So we’re available when you need us: you can speak directly with your Account Manager at any time you need their support, rather than going through multiple communication channels.

And importantly… because we live this service ourselves

We put our money where our mouth is, and use Max Packer as
the exclusive 3PL fulfillment partner for three of our own 7-figure businesses. You take advantage of our experience, and can trust that we’re using tried-and-tested logistics solutions. You can rely on Max Packer for your third party logistics, because it works—and we’re living proof.

Are You Ready to Reduce Your Administration Costs, Free Up Your Time, & Get Back to Actually Managing Your Business?

Our 3PL warehouse in Sydney enables you to eliminate your logistical headaches, build trust with your clients, and partner with a third-party logistics group that can grow with you as your business does.

Whether you prefer to call, email, write, or chat to us face-to-face, get in touch with us today to speak with Sydney’s trusted 3PL warehousing team.


Reduce Your Admin Costs, Free up Your Time
& Streamline Your Business by Choosing the Fulfilment Partner That’s Right for You!