We’re Here to Help You Free Up Your Time & Grow Your Business With Expert 3PL Solutions

Our goal is to come on board and manage the entirety of your business’s logistics from start to finish. From taking care of your warehousing to picking, packing, and posting your products; plus management of your inventory. As a partner, we provide 3PL warehouse support, and help take the time-consuming administrative and logistical activities off your plate, so you can stay focused on growing your business.

We Know The 3PL Challenges
Your Business is Facing…
Because We’ve Faced Them Too

Before we launched Max Packer 3PL, we spent years building thriving 7-figure businesses—but we never found a 3PL service we could totally rely on. We understand the frustration that comes from long, tiring nights picking, packing and posting orders. We too have bounced around between 3PL providers, dealing with the disappointment of missed orders and lost customers. And, we know exactly how it feels to be constantly faced with poor communication, slow turnaround times, incorrect orders, and more…

It’s because we’ve faced these challenges ourselves that we are so committed to helping you avoid them in your own business, so you can stay focused on what matters and leave your
logistics to us.

Here is Our Story…


It All Started With a Change in Direction

Max Packer founder, Jason Andrews, had always dreamed of running his own business. But the timing had never quite been right.

Jason started his career with a trade, which then led to a progressive career in the corporate world. He had many roles and wore many hats in several companies
over the years following. These included workshop supervisor, planner, estimator, field service, regional sales manager, and finally Vice President of Australasia and SouthEast Asia. Throughout those years, Jason’s thirst for knowledge grew as he worked with some incredibly talented and experienced people.


From Humble Beginnings…

Finally, the time was right. Jason was inspired to branch out on his own and start his own business. He founded
a Home Appliance Rental company, completely from scratch, and grew its reputation to become one of the largest companies in its niche, across the whole
Sydney region.

Jason was plunged head-first into the world of
logistics as a business owner, and running his own team. They quickly learned the value of accurate orders,
fast turnaround times, and the importance of having flexibility in their storage space. In 2011, the business
was sold to the largest privately owned rental company in Australia.


It’s Hard to Find the Right 3PL Solution…

In 2007, Jason set up his second successful business, an online appliance spare parts business. As he took on the burden of logistics, and picking, packing, and posting orders himself, he then started working with a 3PL provider in Sydney. Over time, Jason started to notice more and more errors occurring. Soon, he felt like he was constantly being let down by his 3PL provider, and his online business was suffering as a result.


A Realisation Occurs

Jason sold his second business. But during this time, he had an epiphany. All the headaches he experienced, all the frustrations of poor service from his 3PL provider—the poor communication, slow turnaround times, missed orders, clients receiving the wrong goods… Jason realised that if you want something done right, you need to do
it yourself.

The seed for starting his own 3PL business was planted.


eCommerce and Logistics Come Together

For Jason, business was unstoppable. In 2013 he started a new eCommerce business, and again grew it to become the largest supplier in its niche in the country. He then founded two other eCommerce businesses, which have since also grown to operate at the top of their niche.

During this time, Jason and his team engaged a series of 3PL suppliers. But as business grew, their logistics providers couldn’t keep up. They were constantly faced with poor communication, incorrect orders, and slow turnaround times. And as their three businesses scaled, Jason and his team found themselves swiftly outgrowing the capacity and capabilities of their 3PL providers.


Business Number #4

In 2019, Jason began yet another successful online business, selling incontinence products and disability aids. After realising his passion to pursue his 3PL business far outweighed his passion for this venture, Jason sold this business in 2021.


Max Packer Was Founded

The time was right. A business idea born in 2007 coupled with a passion for a 3PL business had now become a reality. After years of experiencing first-hand the setbacks and frustrations of other 3PL facilities, Jason wanted to disrupt the industry with more efficient, reliable, and seamless service than his clients had ever seen before. With a history in business, logistics, and online retailing, he and his team understand just how important a 3PL partner is to a business. The right 3PL can be the difference between negative reviews, lost sales, and a heap of extra work… and a successful, profitable and infinitely scalable business.


Max Packer is Ready to Help Your Business Grow

Now, we use this culmination of experience in business, logistics, and online retailing to deliver the level of service that we want to see. We use our experience to ensure that you don’t have to go through the same hassles that we did, and you get a smooth, seamless,
and reliable 3PL warehouse and eCommerce
logistics experience.

Are You Ready to Reduce Your Administration Costs, Free Up Your Time, & Get Back to Actually Managing Your Business?

Max Packer is here to be part of your journey, and partner with your business for the future. By trusting your logistics to us, you’ll be able to eliminate logistical headaches, build more trust with your customers, and focus on the parts of your business you actually enjoy.

Whether you prefer to call, email, write, or chat to us face-to-face, get in touch with us today to speak with Sydney’s trusted 3PL warehousing team.


3PL is an abbreviation for Third Party Logistics. This means having another party manage your logistics and order fulfilment – including safely warehousing products, picking and packing products and shipping orders to customers.

Yes, it’s preferred that every item has a barcode. However we know this may not always be possible, so we are able to generate one and allocate it to your products when they are received into our system if required.

Yes we integrate with a wide range of shopping carts and other associated systems, these include Shopify, BigCommerce, Neto, Magento, Woo Commerce and Cin7 to name a few. Our development team can build a customised integration connection if required.

No sorry we don’t handle any refrigerated or dangerous goods.

As they are not our products we don’t insure them, you will need to insure your products, we will provide you any information you require to do this.

Yes you can visit your products at any time during business hours, through booking a pre-arranged appointment with our team.

We have a relationship with all the leading freight companies which include Australia Post, Fastway, Aramax, Direct Freight and Couriers Please. We can also work with other couriers if you have specific requirements.

3PL is an economic way to outsource ecommerce logistics, as it means you don’t need to rent space to store your products, and also means you benefit from economies of scale.

We recommend you be sending at least 300 products per month, to make the most of working with us as a 3PL partner.

We recommend you be sending at least 350 orders per month, to make the most of working with us as a 3PL partner.

We are flexible and able to work with a broad range of product sizes and types, excluding refrigerated and dangerous goods. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.


Reduce Your Admin Costs, Free up Your Time
& Streamline Your Business by Choosing the Fulfilment Partner That’s Right for You!