How to Get Your Picking and Packing Just Right

How to get your picking and packing just right

We know that running an eCommerce business can be challenging. There are so many different aspects to it that require your attention, from product development and marketing to sales and customer service.

One of the most important aspects of running a successful eCommerce brand is picking and packing your products. Why? It’s effectively the handover point from your business to the customer, which ensures that the products you’re selling arrive at the customer’s doorstep.

But picking and packing can also be the area that lets your business down.

Common picking and packing issues eCommerce businesses face

You may already have experienced some of these common problems in your picking and packing processes.

Picking errors

Long hours spent working on your business while managing your sales at the same time, can leave you feeling tired and drained. Mistakes can easily be made. And if you’re solely responsible for picking and packing your own stock, errors may start to creep into your orders—incorrect products, wrong order volumes, or missed orders altogether.


Or perhaps you’re working with a 3PL warehouse provider, but they’re not living up to their promises. You’ve noticed more customer complaints, more returned products, more poor customer reviews, which indicates that their warehouse team isn’t on the ball.

Poor inventory management

As your business grows, so too does your required warehouse space. But unless you stay on top of things, you might find you don’t have the space to store your inventory as demand grows, and you end up falling behind on your orders as you scramble to find more space for your stock.

Setting the wrong staffing levels for your fulfilment

If you find you’re spending all your time picking and packing orders yourself, or your current 3PL warehouse provider doesn’t have the resources to meet your order demands, then over time your orders will back up. You may find yourself at the mercy of sales cycles and fluctuations, which can often overwhelm your fulfilment team. Customers wait longer and longer to receive their products—or don’t receive them at all.

Poor picking and packing has an immediate impact on your business

It works to lower customer satisfaction—more and more errors creep in, you receive more customer service calls, and you start to notice more returned items. Or worse, your sales drop, you lose customers… and your business suffers.

You may find your business spending more on freight and shipping to receive and re-send the right products, increasing the time you or your 3PL provider’s staff spend picking and packing your products. Which only serves to start the cycle of errors again…

How to get your picking and packing just right

To streamline and simplify your picking and packing services, engaging the right 3PL warehouse provider is an important step for every eCommerce business.

At Max Packer 3PL, our experienced and dedicated warehouse staff ensure that you get your orders right, every time. Our team is on hand to receive your orders, then pick, pack, and post your products quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

With flexible warehouse space, you’re removed from seasonal and sales cycle fluctuations, and you get peace of mind that you’ll always have both the stock levels and warehouse staff to pick and pack your products.

The outcomes of optimising your picking and packing

It’s easy to see the benefits of getting your picking and packing right.

Improve customer satisfaction

Your customers receive the right products, every time. They’re able to trust that there’s no lag between ordering and posting. Happy customers don’t call to complain—reducing the number of irate calls coming through your customer service team.

Reduce costs of errors, freight, staffing, and warehousing

When your picking and packing works efficiently and effectively this means that the right items get sent out every time. You only have to pick and pack your products once—no more double-handling. Fewer items are getting returned, so there’s less time spent receiving and re-sending the right products, and you save money on freight.

Save your time, too

By engaging the Max Packer 3PL team as your 3PL warehouse partner, you’re able to take the burden off your shoulders. We manage the entire picking, packing, and posting process for you, using specialised equipment and a barcode or QR code system to maintain accuracy in your orders. Your order information is stored directly in our warehouse management system, and synced automatically with your sales platform. No more long hours picking and packing orders yourself—you can focus on building your business instead.

Getting your picking and packing right is all about working with a team that you trust to perform at their best—every single time. Max Packer 3PL provides fast, efficient, and accurate picking, packing, and posting services to help you streamline your eCommerce fulfilment. Get in touch with our friendly team today to schedule a discovery call and discuss a 3PL solution for your business.



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