Environmentally-friendly packaging solutions

Customers are now looking for companies who are conscious of the impact their packaging has on the environment. Our eco-friendly packaging options means you can confidently communicate your environmental messages to current and potential clients.

Max Packer 3PL Logistics and Warehouse

Biodegradable and compostable packaging

Plastic packaging is no longer an acceptable option for the consumer of today. We’re more aware than ever of the huge waste problems facing our planet.

Our biodegradable and compostable packaging means your ecommerce business can deliver products to customers, with a minimal environmental impact.


Warehouse Management

Our warehouse management system  ensures our team pick and pack products in the most efficient manner possible saving time and money

Safe and Secure Warehouse

Your products will be protected as our warehouse has camera surveillance and is alarmed with 24 hour monitoring

Dedicated Account Manager

Communication is critical when running a business which is why you will have a single point of contact.

Total Product Visibility

You will have via total visibility of your stock, movements and tracking details via your computer or mobile device.

A plastic-free future

Picking and Packing

In our own ecommerce businesses we’re committed to reducing the sale of products which contain plastics as much as possible. We believe being in business comes with a responsibility to make the right choices and reduce our impact.

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