How a 3PL Warehouse Partner can improve your customer’s experience

How a 3PL can improve your customers experience

When it comes to building a customer base and growing your business, it’s easier and cheaper to retain existing customers than to rely on constant new customer turnover.

To achieve this, delivering a high level of customer service is crucial.

But if you’re managing the entire logistics process yourself, eventually mistakes are bound to get made. Or perhaps you’ve been burnt by an existing 3PL partner who hasn’t lived up to their promises, delivering more incorrect orders than correct ones.

It shouldn’t have to be that way.

A good 3PL warehouse partner will help you improve your customer service experience by streamlining the entire logistics process, taking the responsibility off your shoulders.

They’ll help you to…


Optimise your order and inventory management

Your 3PL warehouse partner will work with you to streamline your fulfilment process. 

3PL warehouses are equipped with the latest technology and resources to help you get your products to your customers quickly and efficiently.

At Max Packer 3PL, we integrate our inventory management system with your sales platform, ensuring that when your customers make their purchase, it gets logged immediately in our system.

If it looks like you’re getting low on certain products, we can notify you based on pre-agreed levels.


Improve order accuracy

When managing the logistic process yourself, it can get messy. You spend long nights picking, packing and posting, and it’s only a matter of time until you confuse an order here and there.

Or, alternatively, you may be working with a 3PL partner, and you’ve started noticing that you’re receiving more product returns or delivery complaints. This shows that their picking and packing process is letting you down.

By relying on a trusted 3PL warehouse partner like Max Packer 3PL, your eCommerce business can improve the accuracy of your orders. We work with you to initiate a barcode or QR code system, improving the tracking of your products within our 3PL warehouse.

This allows us to confirm we’re sending the right product out for the right order, and your customers get peace of mind that their orders are correct.


Increase your speed

Engaging a reliable 3PL warehouse partner helps to boost your customer’s experience by making it easier for them to order from you and receive their products faster.

As your 3PL warehouse partner, the dedicated Max Packer 3PL team process your orders for you. By using our specialised warehouse staff, this enables us to pick, pack, and post your orders far quicker and more efficiently than you could by yourself. We even offer same-day shipping, reducing your customers’ wait time even further.


Reduce shipping costs

A good 3PL warehouse partner will have relationships with the major freight shipping businesses and will have negotiated a lower shipping rate. With Max Packer 3PL, you’re able to leverage our competitive prices to reduce your customer shipping costs and reduce your customers’ barriers to purchasing.

Alternatively, feel free to use your own freight accounts. We can add these into your workflow.


Handle returns and customer queries more efficiently

3PL warehouses can help you to improve your customer’s experience by offering dedicated customer service and support.

When you partner with Max Packer 3PL, rather than your customer returns coming back to you personally, our 3PL warehouse team can take on full responsibility of managing your reverse logistics. Any returned products head directly back to our 3PL warehouse—you don’t have to do a thing.

This enables you to focus on actually running your business instead, while leaving the fulfilment process to the experts.


Enhance order visibility for the customer

3PL warehouses can also help you to improve your customer’s experience by providing order tracking to improve visibility.

We have the systems and technology in place, allowing your customers to track their orders and see where they are in the fulfilment process. This delivers more transparency for your customers, so they feel more in control—and more satisfied with their overall experience.


Are you ready to improve your customer experience?

Engaging a 3PL warehouse partner for your eCommerce business takes the stress out of your inventory management and ordering. Not just for yourself but for your customers.

You’re able to take comfort that they receive the right product and that it arrives faster.

Happy customers are repeat customers, which means more sales, and a reduction in irate customer service calls. They’re more likely to leave positive customer reviews and help improve your business’s reputation for quality.


Max Packer 3PL is here to help you delight your customers and grow your sales while freeing up your own time and taking back control of your business. We work with you to create a smoother, more efficient purchasing process, helping them to reduce their spend at the checkout while gaining confidence that their product will arrive sooner.

Get in touch with us today to discuss a 3PL solution for your business, and give your customers the experience they deserve.



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