What services does a 3PL warehouse provide?

What services does a 3PL warehouse provide

As a business, you rely on efficiency. So when you’re looking to find the right 3PL partner for your business, you want to ensure that they’re able to deliver on their promises.

At Max Packer 3PL, we know what it’s like to feel let down by your 3PL provider because we’ve been there ourselves.

After years spent growing thriving 7-figure eCommerce businesses, we’ve dealt with our fair share of 3PL providers who haven’t provided all the services a growing business needs—or who have let us down entirely with poor service and communication.

That’s actually why we started Max Packer 3PL: to build a 3PL business that provided all the services we needed and to help other businesses avoid the same pitfalls we’d experienced.

So when looking to choose the right 3PL partner for your business, here are the services you should look for to ensure they provide your business with the best possible chance to grow.


Order fulfilment

Delegate the headaches of storing, checking, and sending your inventory to the experts. At Max Packer 3PL we manage the entire picking, packing, and posting process for you.

No more storing your entire inventory in your home or spending long hours packing and shipping your own products. Our 3PL warehouse receives your products directly, where they’re catalogued and stored in our flexible warehouse space.

When you make a sale, the order comes to us immediately, and our expert team pick, pack, and post your product directly to your customer. You don’t have to do a thing.

Flexible warehouse management

When managing your own eCommerce logistics, you’re facing large overheads of operating your own warehouse or storing stock at your own premises.

As your 3PL warehouse partner, we provide you the space your business needs to grow. You can take advantage of flexible floor space that allows you to increase or decrease your storage capacity as needed. We accommodate fluctuations in inventory sizes, helping you navigate seasonal peaks and troughs, so you can ensure you always have the stock you need on hand.

Dedicated logistics staff

Rather than employing and managing your own staff, we provide an expert team of dedicated staff ready to pick, pack, and ship your products. All fully trained and qualified, they take care of the entire process for you, from stock receival and inventory management, to storage movements and even re-ordering.

Reverse logistics

Take the hassle of customer returns off your plate. At Max Packer 3PL we provide an easy return system for your customers so you don’t have to deal with it—at all.

As well as receiving and re-cataloguing returned stock, we can also manage the repackaging of products so they’re ready to be sent out again. We can repair any products if damage occurs (where possible, of course), and even provide tailored customer communication through our friendly, experienced customer service team.

Seamless integration with your sales platform

As your warehouse partner, Max Packer 3PL can sync our warehouse management system directly with your sales platform. No unnecessary downtime, no lag when migrating systems. All your sales data is shared automatically with our warehouse management system, and product movements are updated immediately on your end via our barcoding system. You always have the right numbers, you retain complete visibility of your stock in real-time.

At Max Packer 3PL our warehouse management system integrates with all major sales platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce, just to name a few.

Product kitting

We help you save money by bundling your individual products together into a single unit when they’re being packed and posted. You’re able to reduce shipping costs for your customers, and reduce their barriers to purchasing.

Competitive pricing

We know that you’re looking to save on your logistics, so we provide open and transparent pricing structures to give you complete peace of mind. Our flexible pricing options mean you always know what you’re paying, so you’re never caught out.

Security services

Rather than rely on the safety of your own home, or the lock you bought for your storage unit, a good 3PL warehouse partner will deliver around-the-clock security to ensure that your products are always secure—whether it’s from the elements, or from theft.

At Max Packer 3PL we provide 24-hour security and surveillance, so you get peace of mind your inventory is in the safest hands.

Max Packer 3PL is here to provide a range of services that help eCommerce brands free up their time, save money, and take control of their business. So if you’re ready to take the headache and the hassle out of managing your logistics, get in touch with us today to discuss a 3PL solution for your company.



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